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To All the People of America

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Please help this woman. It takes only five minutes to attach a stamp to an envelope.

Ernestina Giacinto

49 Aldine St

Providence, RI



We are three witnesses who went to hear testimony concerning a situation that involves a poor woman who has been suffering a tragedy of justice for many years due to the illicit and unscrupulous actions of others. We wish to remain annonymous due to the complicated nature of this matter.

This woman Ernestina DiGiacinto had a brother named Anthony. Back in 1968 Anthony was diagnosed with a terminal kidney ailment. Ernestina bravely offered one of her kidneys to save her brother's life. The operation took place on June 28, 1968 at Peter Bergman General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts needless to say, the operation was successful. However Ernestina was left permianently diabled.

More then ten years afterwards, Anthony married Annette Motta in the fall of 1978. The marriage lasted about two years, until his death on August 12, 1980. Earlier that year Anthony drew up a will with his lawyer, Joseph Rodio, in which he stated that he would leave a sizable cash amount, including money that Erestina accrued through cash investments in stocks during his thirty five years of employment in Montreal, Canada and the United States.

In addition, she was to receive ownership of a home on Chalkstone Avenue, in Providence, RI and other property. This will was placed in an unknown branch of Citizen Bank and was suspiciously "lost" upon Anthony's death.

Previously, when Anthony began to be ill, he was taken to the Jane Brown Division of RI Hospital where he was treated for about a month. During his last days, Anthony was heavily sedated and Annette had contacted her lawyer, John Juatroch and told him to bring a document stating that no prior will had existed which would make her sole administrator of Anthony's estate. Taking advantage of his condition, Annette decieved Anthony in signing this paper with an "X". Now, logically speaking would a man, who years past had his life saved by the selfless act of a loved one, all his possessions to his wife.

This complicity between Annette Motta and her lawyers from that time forward had left Ernestina cut off and out in the cold.

This poor woman, a mother living with only one kidney, has struggled as a single parent to raise her two boys and make ends meet over the years. Now she is financially destitute, in poor health and alone.

All who know her, feel tremendously sorry for her, knowing about her troubled life. They recognize her as a decent person with a very compassionate heart. To us she is a good Samaritan.

America is the greatest and most powerful nation on earth. It has generously helped less fortunate countries and brought peace and stability to other peoples. This is why we recommend to the just rulers of the land to find in their hearts to institute justice and Christian charity in this woman's fight. We want to help this woman regain the benefits that have been flagrantly stolen from her and give her a renascent and a happy life.

We ask America and all who can identify themselves with this poor woman's terrible circumstances to endear their heart's to her. We want to help this woman becuse she is an altruist who cares for people, regardless of race and background and has unselfishly given of her time to help others

Ernestina (Persechino) DiGiacinto is an American citizen, who loves her country beyond measure and respects it's laws and fellows citizens. Please respond and show her your support.

Please send mail, cards, letters of encouragement and support

The address is:

Ernestina (Persechino) Di Giacinto

49 Aldine St

Providence, RI 02909


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